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Greedy Bankers Hear from Chicago Local 4250 CWAers, 5,000 Other Protesters

Joining more than 5,000 other protesters in the streets of downtown Chicago, CWA members demonstrated against banks and financial institutions that are fighting financial reforms while spending taxpayers' money on billions of dollars in executive bonuses.
Officers and members from CWA Local 4250 joined the crowd of AFL-CIO members outside meeting of the American Bankers Association.
"We came with a purpose and left energized," said Ron Honse, CWA representative and political coordinator for Illinois. "The speakers did a good job getting the message across about how the average working man and woman is affected. Union members turned out in force, but it wasn't just unions. It was a good microcosm of what the community looks like."
Honse said the huge protest was good practice for what he expects will be an even bigger turnout in mid-November when the organization of health insurers, AHIP, meets in Chicago. Download entire CWA Newsletter in PDF format

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