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"Digital Cowboys" Author: Dennis Bouwman

"Digital Cowboys" which has been introduced by its author Dennis Bouwman during our ICTS inaugural conference in Dublin. Digital Cowboys, Developments in the labour market for self-employed workers is about self-employed work, a concept which much is often discussed but knowledge about these workers is severely lacking. In 2007 and 2008, UNI's affiliate FNV Zelfstandigen executed a project, headed by its vie-president Dennis Bouwman, to discover the most important trends in this flexible labour market with a special focus on the ICT sector. It is evident that there is a proliferation of flexible labour forms, tenders, and employment offices; also, that the training, certification, and terms of employment of self-employed workers are restricted. In this publication, these trends are described in a clear manner. The implications of these trends and developments for the labour market as a whole, and the strategic agenda for self-employed workers in particular, are analyzed. Which developments and which initiativ

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