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Hyatt Workers Train Their H-2B Replacements!

The story of Americans being forced to train their foreign H-1B/L-1 replacements is very common in computer/IT and engineering. It's a sad and
humiliating end to the careers of many tech workers who are blackmailed and/or pressured to train a foreign worker to do their job. To add insult to injury politicians continue to insist Americans don't have the skills to compete. The situation unfolding at a Hyatt hotel in Boston is a slightly different situation because it involves the H-2B visa. Until now there was an
assumption that the forced training wouldn't happen with H-2B because the jobs are typically lower skilled and lower paying, and therefore less of a target for this type of corporate cannibalism. This story is proof positive that there is a race to the bottom to replace Americans who work as housekeepers at hotels for $15 an hour. Hyatt Boston isn't hiring their own H-2Bs. They are using a bodyshop called Hospitality Staffing Solutions to import the laborers Download JobDestruction Newsletter No. 205

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