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Union Pressures AT$T To Bring Jobs Home

The Communications Workers of America is pressuring the telecommunications giant to bring back to the United States more than 20,000 outsourced call center jobs at a time when domestic unemployment is steadily inching toward 10 percent. "It's not a union issue," said Ralph Cortez, president of CWA local 6143 in San Antonio. "It's an American issue." The CWA estimates a total of 22,000 AT&T jobs are held by contractors outside the U.S. Most of the jobs, about 16,000, are in the Philippines, according to the CWA. But thousands more have been outsourced to India, Argentina and, in some cases, as far away as Uzbekistan, the CWA says. "They're sending these jobs to foreign countries, yet we're the people that made it happen for AT&T," said Cortez, adding that AT&T was required to bring those 5,000 workers back to the U.S. under the terms of a CWA collective bargaining agreement. "This certainly is a threat to America." Download entire article in PDF format.

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