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Arizona Utility Salt River Project (SRP) Outsourcing IT Department To Indian Owned Bodyshops

The Arizona utility Salt River Project (SRP) decided to outsource their IT
department to the two Indian owned bodyshops Accenture and Infosys. SRP
officials claim that outsourcing the jobs will save them money but they
won't say how much. in order to save a fistfull of dollars, SRP is disposing a few dozen of
their American employees. Nobody including SRP seems to be concerned with
the fact that Indian nationals will control the computer systems for large
parts of Arizona's water and electricity infrastructure. To make matters
even worse Arizona residents who are captive customers of SRP will have no
say in how their personal data is used by the Indians. National security
and personal privacy always seems to play a back seat role when corporate
profits are to be realized.
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