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CORRECTION: Protect Democracy & AT$T Union Contracts!

This is a correction to my letter posted on the Local website on July 18, 2009. I apologize for the omission of the fact that co-pays have been eliminated from the CWA District 4 AT$T Tentative Agreement, with the exception of prescription drugs.

A potentially more expensive "after deductable Co-Insurance" has replaced co-pays in addition to significantly increased deductibles that must be paid before the new co-insurance kicks in. DOWNLOAD TO VIEW CHANGES,IN PDF FORMAT. As I said in yesterdays posting, the Healthcare/Benefits part of the tentative agreement is complex. MONTH1LY PREMIEMS ARE FOREVER and AT$T Contributes NOTHING in the 3rd year of the agreement (2112). Additionally, IF your Doctor is OUT-OF-NETWORK, your costs will increase SIGNIFICANTLY!

In Unity-Strength & Solidarity:

Steve Tisza, President
CWA Local 4250

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