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Protest At CWA Washington, D.C. Headquarters July 20, 2009!

Brothers and Sisters,

It may be too little too late, but I am concerned with the fact that CWA has not had a coordinated bargaining with at&t. The fact that D4 has reached a tentative agreement before the others bears this out. These concerns were voiced at ad-hoc meetings before bargaining started, but apparently to no avail. At&t mobility, was left on their own to bargain their contract. I do not know what happened to the strategy for those negotiations to continue and roll in with the other contract negotiations. I am concerned that we will have a repeat of what happened at Verizon bargaining a few years ago, where District 1 settled 3 days before District 2, resulting in CWA members in District 1 crossing a District 2 picket line in NY.

We have been hearing all along that there were conference calls between Vice-Presidents, and Unity bargaining and One Union, One Voice, One fight etc. The fact that District 4 was allowed to come to a tentative agreement, without the rest of the bargaining units,

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