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AT$T Midwest Tentative Agreement

CWA District 4 and AT&T have reached a tentative agreement covering nearly 20,000 members at AT&T Midwest. The District 4 bargaining team and Vice President Seth Rosen did an outstanding job of bringing these negotiations together and resolving the critical issues for District 4 members, especially in the face of a struggling national economy and the nation's health care crisis that has made health care coverage for many Americans unsustainable. But our fight continues at AT&T East, AT&T Southwest, AT&T West, AT&T Legacy T, and other AT&T units where negotiations are continuing. On Monday, July 20, bargaining resumes for our members at AT&T Southeast. Our energy and determination remain focused on standing one day longer until we get the quality agreements ALL of our members deserve. These contracts cover 90,000 workers, and we are determined to maintain our members' standard of living and quality health care. As negotiations go forward, we will continue to act strategically. We've built a strong base of s
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