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AT$T "Legacy T" Bargaining Report #50

Until 9:30 last night, the Union team presented its counter-proposals on the entire Company offer. We rejected the Company's demands to change the double-time build to after 8 hours; change our absence plan; and eliminate APA, the Legal Plan and our scholarship program. We presented our own Health Care, pension and wage package. We insisted on our full job security package, which has improvements to the 2005 agreement and protections for what we already have. We presented demands on Article 45/46 and Article 43. We also are attempting to improve the wages of some of our lowest paid titles in Article 39. We came to agreement on many Articles in which they have either accepted our changes or left them the way they currently stand. Despite deadlines, the Company has set on agreeing to their package; as usual, bargaining has been delayed by slowness of the Company response. We are available, but the Company has not yet responded to our package.
This team continues to bargain until we have an agreement we c

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