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REGISTER NOW- For AT&T Unity e-Meeting On Wednesday, May 27th at 9 pm EDT

Our second National Unity e-Meeting to discuss the ongoing contract negotiations with AT&T will happen -- on Wednesday, May 27th at 9 pm EDT. Register now to attend this exciting and important event. CWA's bargaining teams continue to work hard to reach an agreement with AT&T, but as of today we remain far apart from the company on some key issues. During the National Unity e-Meeting we will provide updates on the negotiations with AT&T. CWA President Larry Cohen, Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Rechenbach, and the Vice Presidents who are involved in bargaining will join me to answer questions from CWA members like you about the issues that matter most. To participate in the e-Meeting, you must register in advance. Take a moment to sign up and submit your question right now:

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