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A New Day On Trade And Globalization Policy!

Fair Trade Letter Signers:

The letter that each of your Organizations has endorsed was just sent to all Members of the House and Senate with 347 organizational signatures - a huge success! A version of the final copy is attached.Your efforts are much appreciated. Thanks to your dedication, 2009 offers the best chance yet to turn back the tide and being to construct a global economy that prioritizes working people, the environment, sustainable agriculture, equitable access to medicine, food & product safety, human rights, and just people-centered development. We look forward to being in touch in the coming weeks regarding next steps to promote true reforms like the comprehensive reform bill called the TRADE Act, and to stave off any hangover Bush NAFTA expansions that might real their heads. Your willingness to take action and translate your convictions into deeds is what's brought our movement this far. More of the same will be needed if we are to make the most of the opportunity to remake the global econ

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