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The FISA Amendments Act: Protecting Our Country and Civil Liberties!

"On Friday, the House of Representatives adopted H.R. 3733, the FISA Amendments Act. This carefully crafted legislation gives our intelligence agencies all the tools they need to protect our country and also protects our fundamental civil liberties.
But, even before we were to consider the bill, we held a rare closed session to discuss surveillance legislation in a classified setting in light of Republican claims that they had important secret information. But those claims turned out to be false. Even behind closed doors, the Republicans were unable to provide any information that would support the overreaching changes sought by the White House.
The House passed legislation that gives our intelligence agencies all the tools they need to defend our country consistent with the Constitution. It helps make changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act so that security and liberty are both protected." Download entire story in PDF format.

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