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Bush Fear Mongering Over Telecom Immunity!

Finally, the House of Representatives has stood up to President Bush's fear-mongering. This week, the Bush White House tried to bully the House of Representatives on an important bill that affects your privacy. With cries of 'soft on terrorism," they insisted that the House pass a bill giving immunity to telecommunications companies that handed over the phone and email records of innocent Americans without a warrant. But House leaders refused to be steamrollered by Bush's fear tactics. Now the Bush administration is doing everything they can to force Congress to cave in to their demands. Tell the House to stand strong against such tactics. The truth is, the government has all the power its needs to keep us safe and this legislation is unnecessary and unconstitutional. Join me and tell the House to put "Facts Over Fear." Please sign our petition by clicking below. In Unity-Strength & Solidarity:

Steve Tisza, President
CWA Local 4250
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