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Most Important Story of Day Involves Feinstein's Action on Senate Floor on Wiretapping and FISA

"Bush will veto anything that does not include outright telecom immunity, and it is highly unlikely 17 Republicans will be willing to buck his demands and support even Feinstein's flawed "compromise." Feinstein will then be left with only two options - give Bush and the telecoms the immunity they seek, or stand with Senators Dodd and Feingold in defense of the Constitution, the rule of law, and fundamental American rights. Dodd has already taken the lead on this, and did so partly at the behest of the American public, as he explained on the Senate floor last Friday: "For several months now, I've listened to the building frustration over this immunity and this administration's campaign of lawlessness. I've seen it in person, in mail, online"the passion and eloquence of citizens who are just fed up. They've inspired me more than they know." It is my hope that Senator Feinstein will listen to the passion and eloquence of Californians, and stand with us against this indefensible power grab and subordination of th

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