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Globalization and the American Workforce

Job losses continue in industrial sectors across the U.S. with little response from the Federal Government, noted U.S. House Science Committee Ranking Member Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN). Gordon and fellow Committee Democrats have sought to highlight this growing problem ? known as ?offshoring? ? in an attempt to insure hard-working Americans are kept in the loop on the state of their jobs.
Democrats? efforts have centered on obtaining data compiled in 2004 by analysts at the Technology Administration (TA) within the Department of Commerce. That report, entitled An Overview of Workforce Globalization in the U.S. IT Services and Software, U.S. Semiconductor and the U.S. Pharmaceuticals Industries, provided an in-depth analysis of the ongoing loss of U.S. high-tech jobs and represents the most complete analysis to date on offshoring of U.S. jobs.
Until today, the TA analysts' report has never been publicly released. Today we are making available the executive summary and, for comparison purposes, the twelve-page

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