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I know some of you disagree with my efforts to email staffers. For those that don't, I've created a program to email staffers directly. It's very easy, one click to access all the staffers I have in the database. Please give it a try and provide feedback. If you see value, please pass it on to others, post on yahoo groups, etc. It really works and it's free. I see it like this. 1. Why email a Senator/Rep's "global" email box with 1000's of emails per day? 2. Who reads the global box? An intern, probably? ...just like an intern probably answers the phones. 3. With this tool you can email the CHIEF OF STAFF directly. So when he sits at his computer/Outlook your email is in his personal-work mailbox. 4. As I see it, It sort of moves your issue to the top of the list. Try it, use it; let them know how you feel. if you have any issues email me. Mike Emmons
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