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** "Wiring Up The Big Brother Machine...And Fighting It" **

"Wiring Up The Big Brother Machine...And Fighting It", by Mark Klein is a personal account of government surveillance activities at AT&T by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the author's battle to bring it to light in the face of what he believes was a reluctant media and a disinterested Congress. A technician for more than 22 years at telecom giant AT&T, Klein was working in the Internet room in San Francisco in 2003 when he discovered secret NSA surveillance activities which, due to the lack of warrants, were eventually denounced as violations of the law and the Constitution. Klein believed he had uncovered documentary evidence of these violations. He fought for months to draw media attention to the story and later became a witness in a lawsuit brought against AT&T by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "I was horrified by the massive trampling on democratic rights by the government, especially regarding the Fourth Amendment, and frustrated that I had been forced to be a silent part of it by actually w
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