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***United States Senate "FRIENDS OF INDIA CAUCUS"***

A new caucus called 'Friends of India' was formed in the US Senate in 2004. It is similar to the 10-year-old Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans in the US House of Representatives. This is the first time in the history of the US Senate that a country-focused caucus has been constituted and announcing its formation was the driving force behind the move Senator John Cornyn, a Republican Senator from Texas who had visited India. The original Democratic co-chair of the caucus was Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Democrat from New York. Currently, Christopher Dodd, D-CT is Co-Chair. External link to check if your U. S. Senator is a member of the caucus. If Yes, WRITE and object to the H-1B Visa Program and OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING OF AMERICAN JOBS!

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