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The scope of the H-2B Visa program (Below)is limited. To review the much larger program that has proved extremely profitable for "high tech" employers, please review this website, apparently set up by a group of firms that import technical professionals, mostly from India. The H-1B Visa program was established via suspect circumstances in 1990. This website allows you to learn about the 2,702,672 H-1B Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) that have been issued since 2001. Again, the employer sets the wages and working conditions via gaping loopholes in the H-1B Visa program. As you will see, Microsoft Corporation is by far the largest direct employer of H-1B Visa holders during the past decade in the U.S. Microsoft's total visa count is 33,396.
Many employers disguise their H-1B Visa use by utilizing a 3rd party to hire these skilled workers. However, note that experienced American citizens technical professionals are required to train their imported replacement as a condition of receiving their meage
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