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AT$T Internet Contract Expired Midnight July 13, 2013

The leadership of CWA has decided not to go on strike . . . yet.
We remain very far apart at the bargaining table. Critical issues like wages, health care, employment security, and working conditions are still at stake.
We believe that working without a contract is the best, strongest tactic for us right now. We can still decide to strike at any point.
Why has the leadership made this decision?
By not striking at this time , we?ll show the public that the unionized workers of AT&T care about service quality? even if the company doesn?t.
The company expects a strike and has been preparing for one. Why should we give them what they expect, and maybe even want? If at some point we decide it is the best tactic, we will strike!
How will it work?
Negotiations will continue.
You will still earn a paycheck. The company cannot change your wages or working conditions.
All benefits, including health care remain in effect.
The grievance procedure continues, but arbitration probably will not. (Discipline can
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