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Stop Butchering The Facts In Palmer Case By: Don Tennant

When I broke the news on July 4 that U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson, the federal judge hearing Jay Palmer?s whistleblower lawsuit against Infosys, had ordered the parties to convene a mediation conference on July 24 to try to resolve the case, the Indian press jumped on the story. And they mangled it.

Now I have readers posting comments on my blog in which they link to stories in the Indian press that are reporting some variation of the theme that Palmer has had a change of heart and suddenly wants to settle, or that Palmer?s attorney, Kenny Mendelsohn, will settle as long as Infosys admits guilt. It?s time to get the facts back onto the table. Bottom line: Nothing whatsoever has changed. Palmer and his attorney are no more or no less open to a settlement than they were the day the lawsuit was filed.

I am directing this post to those in the Indian press who are covering the Infosys visa fraud story. I know you read my blog, because so many of you regurgitate what I write, almost always witho

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