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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #2

Mar 1, 2012
Many years ago in bargaining, during a Company presentation, a CWA bargainer checked his face in a mirror. He then announced, ?I was just checking to see if I had STUPID written across my forehead.?
After today?s presentation by the AT&T bargainers, ?AT&T Compensation in a Competitive Marketplace?, your CWA team checked our foreheads. In the Company?s attempt to justify their attacks on our wages, benefits, pensions, and absence language, they presented a totally misleading document. They will be sharing it with you soon. It was an extremely creative and deceptive use of statistics: Comparing groups that should not have been compared, and tremendously exaggerating pay and benefits.
We will be giving you some more detailed examples in the coming days, but here?s a sample: They say the average total wage of AT&T Call Center workers (not counting benefits) is $67,000!
They say that when these Call Center workers retire, they will ?have the opportunity? to receive 116% of their active income
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