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Fed H-1B Visa Probes May Help American Engineers

American computer professionals who complain that they lose jobs or get lower pay because of imported tech workers may have reason to smile. Government regulators are cracking down on alleged fraud in worker visa programs.
But some heavyweight companies, such as San Diego?s Qualcomm, are lobbying hard to bring in even more foreign engineers. Smaller local software companies want more offshore techies, too.
On January 25, India-based Infosys, a so-called body shop, or placement firm that sends talent to American companies, revealed that it and some of its employees are targets of a Texas criminal investigation into fraud and abuse of United States visa laws. The State Department, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and Internal Revenue Service are investigating Infosys practices.
Importation of tech and other workers with a bachelor?s degree is normally accomplished through the H-1B visa program, by which foreigners can take jobs of up to six years with American corporations. America brings in 65,000

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