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US Labour Secretary Denies Plan To Kill H-1B Visa

US Labor Secretary Hilda S Solis has denied that a new programme launched by the Obama administration is aimed at killing the H-1B visa programme even though she declared the H-1B technical skills training grant competition "is to prepare American workers to replace foreign workers in high growth areas". Solis told "No, that is not our focus here (to ultimately kill the H-1B programme). These monies have come available because they are fees that we receive when people enter into the programme - the employer pays these fees."H-1B visa programme has over the years brought hundreds of thousands of Indian skilled professionals to the United States.
"The intention has always been with this money to plough back that money so that we could train American workers here. So, it is not competing with the original goal of the H-1B programme." In a teleconference with journalists and company executives and representatives of high tech and information technology associations, Solis said the competition would "

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