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CWA Standing Up For Collective Bargaining Rights!

Across the country, millions of Americans are standing up for collective bargaining rights. Find out how to get involved. Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize have been under corporate assualt for three decades. The frontline in the news today is Wisconsin public workers. Tomorrow's headlines will feature the fights led by CWA in Ohio and New Jersey.
CWA's program to create good jobs is rooted in support for collective bargaining and the right to organize. Our goals are sustainable, union jobs, retirement security, and health care. We've adopted democracy principles to suppor these goals -- particularly the need to reform our campaign finance laws to prevent corporations and billionaires from buying politicians.
Each of us can bring this movement to our workplaces and our communities. Talk about the importance of collective bargaining with your co-workers, friends and familiy members. Share information about the fight via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter and on local and national blogs.

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