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07/18/09 IMPORTANT: Protect Democracy & AT$T Union Contracts!

The CWA District 4 AT$T Midwest Tentative Contract Agreement will shift a significant part of the cost of your healthcare benefits currently provided for by AT$T, to YOU the member, retiree (after 1993), "new hires" and future retirees.

The cost shifting from AT$T to YOU is very substantial, compared to the current costs you pay. YOU will begin to pay monthly premiums effective January 1, 2010 in addition to increased co-pays and deductibles. CWA AT$T members have not been required to pay monthly healthcare premiums since 1970. This was the result of a CWA and IBEW strike in 1968. I know, as I was an active participant.

No matter how District 4 tries to sugar coat the "new" monthly healthcare premiums and other healthcare related increases, YOU WILL begin paying monthly premiums on January 1, 2010 via payroll deductions. Details are still being discussed as to how retiree (post 1993) premiums will be paid. Beware of the final bargaining report because the "devil is in the details." Demand a local meet
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