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AT$T Communication Pkg. October 2006 Surplus!

The attached file is intended for all CWA AT$T Corp. members within the affected surplus universes. If the provisions of this package and those of your 2005 Collective Bargainin...

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*IMPORTANT: AT$T Intersubsidiary Movement Form Process!*

September 28, 2006: (NOTE): "Eligible employees will receive priority consideration before off-street hires for any bargaining unit job for which he/she qualifies and shall suff...

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The Alliance is going to trial a Goal Setting class on Wednesday, August 23 at 10 S. Canal, Chicago, Illinois. Workshops will take place from 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and 12:0...

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Identity Theft is America's Fastest-Growing Crime.

Identity theft is America's fastest-growing crime. Last year alone, more than 9.9 million Americans were victims of identity theft, a crime that cost them roughly $5 billion. Th...

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How to Be a Successful Distance Learner - 4 Hr Class!

This program is offered in our Computer Lab and designed to provide learners with knowledge and confidence in how to successfully participate in distance learning programs offer...

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Revised: Alliance (AD) Geographic Territory!

Download PDF file showing the revised geographic territory for each Alliance Associate Director (AD)....

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Dave Belanger, Illinois Alliance AD, "SAVED"

"As of Friday March 3, 2006 no employee with higher seniority claimed a position in your location, therefore your surplus status is revoked and you will remain on roll." Downloa...

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AT$T Corp. Surplus Process

We are currently disputing the Companys administration of this surplus timeline of events. Our legal department is investigating our options for action. For now, continue to fol...

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IMPORTANT: Announcement From The Alliance!

Due to cost constraints the Alliance is discontinuing the online Registration system. Download PDF flyer for more information and also Winter 2006 schedule of classes....

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(Pilot Course) Satellite Installation Class

This 16 hours class is designed to teach you how to install satellite television using either Dish Network or DirectTV equipment. Download flyer for more information....

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AT&T Career Support

Resourse Center Coordinator AT&T Corp. (Legacy T)

Mary Ellen Mazzeo

Work (315) 442-3893

Fax (214) 446-6368

Illinois Alliance

Illinois Alliance Director AT&T Corp. (Legacy T)

Dave Belanger

4513 Western Ave. Lisle Illinois

Cell (312) 961-1941

Office (630) 810-7091

Fax (630) 810-7412

Local 4250/CTU #16 Illinois Alliance Committee Members


Liz VanDerWoude

3055 Glenwood-Dyer Rd. Lynwood Illinois

Work (708) 757-4065

Vice President

Sylvia Chapman

10 S. Canal St. Chicago Illinois

Work (312) 669-5471

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