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William J. “Bill” Boarman 26th Public Printer of the United States.

William J. “Bill” Boarman has been sworn in as the 26th Public Printer of the United States. President Barack Obama announced his appointment on December 29, 2010. Boarman will...

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Fix the Filibuster!

"On the first day of the new session the Senate convenes to pass its rules. For decades this has been a pro forma vote, with each new Senate adopting the rules of the last one. Uda...

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Speed Matters: U.S. Needs to Boost Universal, Affordable Access to Broadband

CWA's fourth annual Speed Matters report comparing broadband speeds in every state was rolled out at a news conference with President Larry Cohen, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, and...

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Three Weeks to Senate Rule Change Vote

How can we restore democracy and debate to the U.S. Senate? That was topic A at a forum sponsored by Common Cause, where CWA President Larry Cohen, Common Cause President and CEO B...

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Freshman GOPer Congressman Andy Harris (Md.) Whines over Delay In His Taxpayer-Paid Health Care!

On the campaign trail, Republican Congressman Andy Harris (Md.) promised to repeal health care reform and slammed the very idea of a public option as "socialism." So what wa...

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Let’s Finish The Job Now!

If you are a veteran or a member of a military family, please join Iraq war veteran Rep. Patrick Murphy in signing this petition to U.S. Senate leaders before time runs out. We nee...

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420 Bills Passed by House Got No Senate Attention

During the (Current) 111th Congress, House members have expended enormous amounts of manpower and resources to craft, debate and pass 420 bills that the Senate has essentially igno...

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It's The Political System, Stupid!

"Voters don't seem to care who wins the election -- as long as there's a backlash" In that sense, biennial election hype is the opiate of the masses -- an opiate made particularly ...

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CWA Endorsements - Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin - VOTE! Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Download, Copy & Distribute CWA Endorsements - Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin - VOTE! Tuesday, November 2, 2010...

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The CWA, Rated Congress on several working families issues that came before the 111th Congress during 2010. Please checkout your Congressional Representative and Senators voting re...

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