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H-1B Visas

Noble and Ignoble Goals in Immigration Policy December 1, 2015 matloff

Policy On The Hiring Of Foreign STEM Workers Should Be For The Remedying Of Legitimate And Rare Labor Shortages And Attracting The World’s “Best And Brightest” To The US.

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More Disagreement With Me Over "Intels vs. Infosysess" , November 16, 2015 matloff

A Bill Will Be Enacted That (Cosmetically) Punishes The Infosyses While Rewarding The Intels, With The Result That There Are NO Net Job Opportunity Increases For U.S. Citizens.

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Calling All High-GPA Ivy Leaguers? October 31, 2015 matloff

"Rank Only “The Best And The Brightest” Programmers & Engineers By Their Offered Salary. All Visa Applicants Would Be Thus Ranked & All Visas Doled Out Until The Cap Is Reached

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DHS Unabashedly Biased In Its New OPT Proposal: October 30, 2015 matloff

If You Are Concerned About H-1B And Related Foreign Tech Worker Programs, This Is Probably The Best Chance You'll Ever Have To Say So. Do So By Going To:

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More On The Foreign Student Labor Issue October 27, 2015 matloff

More On The Foreign Student Labor Issue October 27, 2015 - Ron Hira’s Comments In The Computerworld Piece Are Really Quite Good, Deftly Exposing DHS’ “Internship” Idea As A

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We Need Your Help To Investigate H-1B Visas In The Bay Area By: Audrey Cooper

Go to And Click On “The Faces Behind The H-1B Debate” To Pledge Your Financial Support!

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The Immigrant Welfare Debate Is Back September 8, 2015 matloff

The political climate involving immigration in the mid-1990s was starkly different from what we see today, with one of the big issues being welfare usage.

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Continued) July 20, 2015 matloff

Readers May Have Heard of Virgil Bierschwale, A Veteran Programmer Who Has long Been Out Of Work. He Believes Congress Has Stacked The Deck Against People Like Him.

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The Obama Administration Is Either Preparing For Action On H-1B "Abuse" Or It Will Punt To Congress - By Patrick Thibodeau

The Replacement Of U.S. Workers By H-1B Visa Holders Is Troubling And Not Supposed To Happen. But It Is Hard To Tell Whether The Obama Administration Will Do Anything About It.

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California's Effort To Build An H-1B Firewall By Patrick Thibodeau

Lawmakers Are Considering A Bill That Would Make It Difficult For State-Regulated Utilities To Replace U.S. Workers With H-1B workers.

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