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Critics Question Obama Administration On Offshoring

Ron Hira, an assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology and author of "Outsourcing America," says the claim that there's balance in the trading relationship is wrong. "In fact we're running a large services deficit and an even larger jobs deficit with India," he said.
"[Expanding trade relationships] in the absence of needed policy changes means that more American jobs will be shipped overseas," Hira said. "That may be good for U.S. companies but it will be another blow to American workers. Obama has not lifted a finger for American workers when it comes to offshoring, and he's done even worse by giving the false impression he would."
Among the steps that Hira said he believes are needed are changes to the H-1B and L-1 programs so U.S. workers "aren't being forced to train foreign replacements," action on government tax subsidies for multinationals that operate in low tax places, and a "full accounting" of the work that its moving offshore.
"What's more troubling with

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