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2017 Annual Healthcare Enrollment "Correction Periods" Enroll in or Change Coverages Elected

AT&T Benefits Labor Support HR Labor Notice

October 19, 2017

Subject: 2017 Annual Enrollment Correction Periods – Enroll in or Change Coverages Elected


Labor Relations: All regions


To inform participants about a change to the standard administration of the AT&T Benefits Center

during 2018 Annual Enrollment.


Based on significant benefit changes for multiple populations, we’ve seen higher than average call

volume into the AT&T Benefits Center and the volume of appointments scheduled online for callbacks.

As a result, AT&T is communicating additional time for employees and retirees to complete their annual

enrollment or make changes to their 2018 benefits elected.


 There is a standard two‐week correction period immediately following the close of the regularly scheduled enrollment period to permit changes to be made when participants contact the AT&T Benefit Center to correct errors in Annual Enrollment.

 For 2018 Annual Enrollment, we are leaving the enrollment “tile” and new scheduling tool

“tile” on the AT&T Benefits Center landing page, to ensure participants can easily find and

utilize the online resources, as needed, to make their elections or change elections without

needing to call the AT&T Benefits Center.

 There will be a reminder about the AE correction periods in the “AE is almost over” email sent to active bargained participants on the Wednesday before the enrollment wave ends.

 Messaging will be incorporated into the call tree of the AT&T Benefits Center telephone

number to communicate the additional two‐week timeframe and refer to online resources.

 If there are extenuating circumstances, the AT&T Benefits Center will work with participants

after annual enrollment ends, on an as needed basis, to makes changes through 12/31/2017.

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